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Too Loud a Solitude - Bohumil Hrabal

I finished reading then immediately started to hunt down books connected to it. Suddenly I have Dao De Jing for the "Heaven is not humane" quote, Immanuel Kant, and stoicism. The last one was the most surprising, especially since once I started reading I saw how my life has been influenced much by its philosophy. It's like finding out that khaki that i've been eating quite a lot is actually the fruit of my mom's childhood which i thought will only know as a name.


The story itself was great, it reminded me a bit on Patrick Sueskind's stories, not the famous The Perfume, but the simpler yet heavy duty ones, such as Der Kontrabass. And of course it was breaking my heart, most of the great books are always breaking my heart. It made me think again, about life, about being young and innocent (are the young innocent or simply ignorant?), the dissapointments life is throwing at you and how you live through it. It made me think of bales of paper with artist print on it, how wonderful it would be to have them spread on a wide field; and at the heart of each bale, a book.


The truth is, I don't think I've finished yet with this book. What's wrong with these type of books? Don't they know that re-reading cuts into reading-new-book time? But I feel like I'm still outside the book. I saw the artist print, but I haven't been to the heart. I think I need to go first on a further book journey, and then come back here. It's like having a favourite inn or museum that you just continue to visit over and over again.



Small trivia, jumping from Seneca to stoicism, I was reminded of William Maxwell's short story about a man losing his appetite of food, at the end of the story he picked up a book about stoicism (i'm not sure whose), read as much stoicism one could stand in one go, then basically humm to himself and carry on. I think that's a great ending and true to life. I had wanted to check the story, but of course my copy is at my parent's house, I have Maxwell's other short story compilation with me here and I thought it would have all the stories inside, but of course it doesn't and I'm hitting myself for ever taking that book home.