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Marathon pacing

War and Peace - Larissa Volokhonsky, Richard Pevear, Leo Tolstoy

I was reading with full gusto until around midway. Then I stopped. Running out of steam, getting irritated with the characters, looking for greener grass or muscle fatigue from holding the heavy hardcover. Combination of those things.


Mainly the characters, most of them have let me down one way or the other up to this point and I wanted to shake every single one of them. I even took a peek at the end, which is actually a super no-no, I've ditched some books just because I've read the beginning and the end. Some books just couldn't make me care enough to find out what happened to cause the end. I was rather worried that W&P will end this way too.


So I stopped reading. I told myself, I'll have a diversion first, then the second. Actually, I even had a third, which was a book I've already read this year. Groping around for the fourth, I glanced on the part where I stopped. Not really an interesting point, another preparation of war. But somehow I keep on reading until I have to go to sleep and I believe I'll continue reading tonight. Tolstoy, you better make the characters behave and grow up. I'm counting on you.