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I've stopped buying printed books quite a while ago, books are the damnedest thing to move around when you haven't really decided where you want to settle down. So these 10 years I've been relying more on the e-books; what a coincidence, I've just realized that exactly 10 years ago, roughly around this time of the year was the time when I bought my first palm and fallen headlong into digital reading bunny hole.


Of course I'm still a library member in every city i've lived on. It's one of the standard things I do when settling down and honestly I've been really lucky because even the smallest town have a respectable library. Still, it's easier to carry 1 gadget compared to a stack of books so electronic has been my best friend for the past 10 years.


This holiday season, though, I fell in love with printed book again. Even the giant W&P preferable to me on the strength of its onion paper as well as the ease of reading the translation note. Combined with extra free time and more opportunity to hang around at the library, suddenly I wound up with this lovely stack of books. Some of them was the reason I went to the library, some picked up after skimming it, the rest just because the book size & form just feels right in my hand.


From top to bottom:

- A Reading Diary, Alberto Manguel

- Negotiating with the Dead, Margaret Atwood

- Ghost Stories, compilation

- The True Deceiver, Tove Jansson

- Collected Poem, Prose, and Plays, Robert Frost

- Writings & Drawings, James Thurber

- The Seducer, Jan Kjaerstad

- Light Show, Cliff Lauson