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I’ve just had a fruitful visit to library so time to do a show post. I’ve actually had half of them for a while so I’d need to return them this weekend:
- Beginning runner book - I’m in 4th week and feeling good.
- Hidden poem book - totally neglected, sometimes it just happen that way
- Seduction & betrayal - great essays book on women and literature, I want to re-read the last chapter before returning
- Lifetime Reading Plan - i just wanted to check if it’s a book I’d want to buy, maybe not


Last night’s haul:
- Laluba - short stories compilation from my favorite indonesian writer
- Rilke - I have his german poetry collection but this one have english translation next to each poem so would be good
- A tour of senses - halfway work related, need to understand more about human perception
- Mad world - was looking for graham greene’s bio but found his contemporary Evelyn Waugh instead. Brideshead has some golden moment for me so should be intetesting