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The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch - Donna Tartt really close to five but there's a snag that annoyed me

the snag first within the spoiler cage. i hate this snag because it's just such a small thing yet it managed to hang around in my head so persistently and annoyingly. oh, dear me, i do know how important it is for Theo to stay in Amsterdam despite his deep fear after the disasterous showdown. i know Donna tartt wanted really for him to have that melting down in hotel room; even the opening scene was done here. and yet, i really want to hit her, because of this simple fact. train ticket seller DOES NOT, i repeat, DOES NOT, ask for customer to show their passport before selling them the ticket; no, not even when it's for destination to other schengen country. yes, i've bought several train tickets going to and fro netherland-germany-belgium and some others. frankly, they couldn't care less about it. the only time i had the worthy lady gave me some attention and scolded me is when i wrongly pronounce my destination city. true enough, there are some border police inside the train and yes to murphy law; but frankly, if i were that frightened as theo was, i'd take my chance, border control always being so random anyway. so in my head theo hadn't need to be there, hadn't need to have his meltdown before meeting the non-chalant Boris. imagine how inferior that book would be. honestly, i haven't found any other reason to keep theo in Amsterdam without resorting to that, perhaps i don't have the right to rant like this, after all, it is just a small tiny detail. yet it did managed to knock out some of my enjoyment. it reminded me of a movie where a moslem terrorist CROSS HIMSELF before hi-jacking an airplane