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The Shadow of the Wind

The Shadow of the Wind - Lucia Graves, Carlos Ruiz Zafón my thought changes from great to you've-gotta-be-kidding and back again. in a way i was so impatient to finish it but i wondered if it's because i wanted to know the end asap or to have it done with and i can continue with my life and other books. i couldn't stand some of the character for example fermin, too goody2 for me. i don't know, it's like everyone here were forced to choose being black or white and only julian was allowed to be gray; not even, he only being changed from white to black and back to white again...btw, what's up with the narration? i know it all happened long time ago, but serving it in chunk like that didn't appeal. my last complain, during the narration it felt like the narrator switched to someone else, instead of telling it with the character's voice it become some omnipotent 3rd person voice coming out of the blue, not smooth at all...