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Mrs. Dalloway

Mrs. Dalloway - Virginia Woolf, Maureen Howard I finally have the inkling why some people loves Virginia Woolf so much. This book deserves to be read on a holiday; not in Rome, Amsterdam, Bali, Bangkok or Paris where you feel obliged to explore, to soak up in culture & art, to be on your feet from dawn to dusk followed by wild night. It's those lazy holiday where you lay around almost insensible to the world, where you stand up only to grab a sandwich & more cold drink; no phone, no internet, no television. So you grab the book in the morning & float away following this one hell beautiful writing and perhaps when Sally bid Richard good bye you reluctantly move back to the real world and feel it was one of the most beautiful journey you've had.For myself, I need to book that holiday & re-read Mrs. Dalloway as it deserves.