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Keeping Faith

Keeping Faith - Jodi Picoult Talking about self-deception. Mariah caught his husband cheating on her in their own house right after she was bragging to reader that he loved her as she is regardless of how she looks right now. It's still a bit predictable so Picoult capped it by making her say that it's not the first time. Nice way to start a book. The book itself though, is more about the mother-daughter relationship, since the fact that Faith can talk with God, healing miracle, and stigmas came out to bring them together. All in all an OK book, I caught it in the right mood where I was looking for a reason to cry. So I wolfed it down in almost one sitting which made me a really sleepy employee right now. The romance was also very nice, with the right amount of passion and feeling. The only thing that really disturb me was the courtroom drama that simply drag on... I was simply too sleepy to follow all the details and don't think I'll like it even if I was wide awake. It might be more interesting if Picoult had sown more doubt about the authencity of Faith's miracle, but for her the only thing that matters is that Mariah believe blindly in her daughter.