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Life before Man

Life Before Man - Margaret Atwood This book need to be read in a right timing. For those who aren't lucky enough to catch it at the right time of their life, they will be dissapointed by the lack of plot. This is no Oryx & Crake or Year of the Flood. It dwells so much on the small nuances of feeling you would scream for it to get on.Fortunately, this one is exactly right for the current me. I was avoiding love-happy-ending-hero like a plague and stumbled on the title Life Before Man & decided that should be a good enough for me. After all, it's Atwood, and if someone can teach me about that life,it would be her.I had my doubt. Reading a few pages I was afraid that it would be too painful, but I'm so glad I continued reading.Yes, it is painful. But it's also beautiful in unbeautiful untidy messy way. It's LIFE. It's showing the complication of human bond and relationship. Husband and wife, mother daughter, mistress, friend, colleague and that shadow of the past lover at the corner. It's messy, everyone stumbles, fell down, hurt each other, trying to control one another. Sometimes I wished I could be Elizabeth, sometimes I just want to hit her on the head. I also wished I could walk alongside Lesje in her dinasour-filled world.…Then there's this underlaying sadness of being alone. We are all alone in this world, no matter what the illusion showed. I wished I could make it different. I wished I could tell that someone to beware of the illusion. I wished I could convince myself that I'll be fine being alone. So many wishes, here's another one. I wished I could take his hand and be alone together. Going back to the book it ends with the three of them continuing their lonely life. I will also continue mine knowing millions others, humans, just a dot in the life history of the world, walk beside me.