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A Fine and Private Place

A Fine and Private Place - Peter S. Beagle A book that made me like Beagle even more than before. It tells a story about living and loving among the dead. Michael, a ghost who insisted on hanging to life. Rebeck, a living man who felt more at home with the dead. Laura, trying to find love after death. Mrs. Klapper, living her life still in the memory of her deceased husband. The four of them bound by the same cemetery and learnt more about themselves.This is a truly elegant story relating the theme of death without being too sentimental. The mystery of Michael's death brought the necessary curiosity to bump along the narration. Definitely an encouragement to read more books from Beagle. ------------------------------------------I just saw that this book is Beagle's first book, written as he was still 19 years old!!-------------------------------------------A re-read. Although it's still wonderful on second reading, I think I shouldn't read it too often. I was feeling a bit annoyed with some things that I didn't even notice before.--------------------------------------------------------------------