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All Shall Be Well, and All Shall Be Well, and All Manner of Things Shall Be Well - Tod Wodicka I always fall for the lousy guys... not necessarily the big bad wolf just those pathetic no good can't help themselves type. maybe because i'd think those are the faults that i can imagine i'd do as well. well, this guy is one of them though he's also funny in a dry sort of way. it's those small comments or opinions he throws out once in a while that makes his sorry story feels entertaining. only, somehow... i'm thinking maybe this book is too short. i was still trying to picture how his n his wife's life together, and i just couldn't. we know he has done unforgivable thing on her dying days to his family, we know how they met, but despite the whole length of the book dedicated to rumination of it, i still feel there's a gap there, i just couldn't imagine it; i can't imagine what kind of person his wife was. i especially didn't get that bit that was being kept a secret by the mother in law, really not working for me in establishing her character.