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1Q84 - Haruki Murakami Still interesting on the 2nd book. Things are starting to happen, suspense building etc. There are some parts that reminds me why murakami annoyed me, but it's not that much.I'm also still trying to figure out the world and the logic behind it. Fukada did chide me (or Aomame), this is not sci-fi, don't think of it as parallel world. Personally I don't think Aomame has ever read sci-fi. Anyway, if it's sci-fi it's probably easier to understand. I kept on feeling that there's a logical flaw/slip in this world building. For example, there shouldn't be Sakigake in Tengo's world before he was 'Purified' by Eri and entered 1Q84. Unless he actually entered it long time before, maybe when he first read the manuscript. But then the purification and the whole 'you don't know what kind of world you see tomorrow' thing would loose some importance. Why do I even think so much about this?Last note, noticing how popular those cool hardcore heroines, Aomame & that girl with the tattoo. Who were they being sold to? Who are their target? Female reader who wants to feel being cool hot capable figure? Or male reader to droll on? My question is, do men really like that type of women? Are they brave enough to attach themselves to these women?