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Personal Record: A Love Affair with Running - Rachel Toor Second time reading, one year after the first and I'm still not a runner though I still wanted to. There were times when it just clicked but then I went downhill again. I'm not giving up though. For now I'm living my running life through this book but I will run my marathon someday. Afterall I'm living in Singapore now with so many marathons throughout the year.------------------------I'm suck at running. I do all the classic mistakes:running too fast,not breathing correctly,give up too easily... But lately I want to run better, i want to be able to run the distance without walking most of the way. So i bought a shoe since i haven't got any sport shoes for a long time. First time was hell,second a bit better,couldn't say i love running but i don't hate it either.Then i read this book n it was so full w/ love for running. I wished it talked more about how she started running,it looked si easy for her.. One chapter especially dear to my heart since it dealt w/ running as a way to give her time to cope w/ sadness,the way i've walked to chase away the sadness. Must get back to my running shoes..