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Her Fearful Symmetry - Audrey Niffenegger I wonder why I even bother finishing it. Nobody loves anybody in this book,simply owning, owning, owning.. Except martin n marijke.At first I thought the story is quite good. Lots of things are over the top & unnecessary but the theme itself is interesting. Then it degenerated on the last part and i lost my interest on everyone then it was pretty much counting the pages to the end for me. Btw, deep dark secret is quite dissapointing...--------------I hope I'm not jinxing the book by adding it to currently reading. They tend to get abandoned afterwards...So, it might be just me being a loner but I think having a twin with me 24/7 would drive me bonker. Or maybe I won't be a loner if I have a twin growing up beside me? What would you do if you're born a loner with a twin saddled on you, would you resent her?Anyway, that aside.. 20years old twins w/ matching dress and symmetrical feature?(and I mean symmetrical to the last mole?) I think she has gone too far...