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Special topics in calamity physics - Marisha Pessl Just a short note since I'm so glad to finally found it again. I borrowed it from the library some times ago and promptly forgot the title although the story impressed me. So began the search based on the book's location at the library (didn't work, they moved around books a lot there)and my conviction that there's the word "physic" on the title (do you know how many books have it on its title?) that finally ended today.I'd like to read it once more before writing a real review on it. The strongest feeling that I had reading it though, was a distrust to the narrator. Generally I'm a trusting person in reading, a narrator in a book can tell me anything and I pretty much believe what he said as the truth in that world. But I simply can't trust Blue. I had a feeling all the time that she was telling a fib. That there's another story about who her father and his girlfriends were and she deliberately telling another story just to fool us.I wonder what I will feel next time I read it again.