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On creating a space

Conversations with Frank Gehry - Barbara Isenberg, Frank O. Gehry

Good book for those who wants to know about famous Architect's life & his view on creating space. I've never been inside any of Gehry's building but I suppose I always have this suspicion that there'll be some awkward spaces inside his buildings. I also cringe imagining our harsh tropical sunlight reflected on his polished facades. But, this is exactly the things that he tried to refute. I suppose he has already received a lot of comments saying that his buildings are not so functional and only celebrate the form. As said, I'll reserve my judgment until I visited one of his building. Regarding the material, I'm now curious what kind of material he'll use if he were to design a building in Asia.


On the writing itself, I found the interview introduction a bit awkward. I like how he explained about his views, his opinions, it brought some excitement about design process. He most definitely is passionate about his work and it's lovely to be with people who are passionate, who shares their view, opens up interesting facets of a subject and can infect you with their enthusiasm. Cynicism could be stylish, but passion brings more to life richness, me think.