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A new pair of eyes

A Reading Diary: A Passionate Reader's Reflections on a Year of Books - Alberto Manguel

It's the most dog-eared library book I've borrowed so far. Some kind hearted people tried to smooth it out again, but it's no use, dog-ear is a one way road for paper. So when I fold the pages I tried to follow the crease. Was I vandalising a public property? Yes, I was. And believe me it took a lot of will-power to stay just with dog-earing and not go to the worse sin of scribbling on the margin. Because this is THAT kind of book. A book where you need to high-light, underline, writing down your own opinion or comment. I'm sure many agreed with me looking at the state of the book.


A book about books and life, how fiction connects with life which explains readers just couldn't get enough of reading. An imagined world and the hard real world, their connection is bigger and stronger than you can imagine, if you look carefully enough; and Alberto Manguel has the eye. He's an example of the embodiment for this quote from Marcel Proust.


The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having a new eyes.


The whole book is filled with his discoveries, jewels found in book and real life. A familiar book, others that you've read which you put aside with a wondering crease or boredom; he found some new things in it that picked your interest or maybe showed you how it looks like seen from different pair of eyes. My first Manguel, not going to be the last one, and it has earned a space in my future library. I need my own copy to scribble at will.